Beware of Seller Directories

Please be aware of seller directory companies who are posing as NOVA Spektrum or as a representation of a specific event. Unfortunately we experience seller directories appearing in the catalog industry, and sometimes they turn to our exhibitors.

NOVA Spektrum informs all exhibitors about entry in the exhibitor list, entry on the website and other relevant exposures directly. If you receive inquires from others regarding this, please contact the project management team of the event.

We advice you to be aware of the following companies:

•Event Fair / The Exhibitors Index
•Fair Guide / Construct Data Publishers Verlag AG
•Euro Business Guide
•EU Business Services Ltd.
•European City Guide, Valencia – Spain
•TW Verlag GmbH, Hamburg – Germany
•Nova Channel, Switzerland
•Global Internet Register
•Commercial Online Manuals
•Expo Guide
•Nordisk Expo
•International Fair Directory

The list of companies is regularly updated. Please let us know if you have received information from other seller directories we should warn about. Send us an e-mail to