Development of our properties

The Norway Trade Fair foundation has big plans for the development of our destinations, both NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm and Oslo Spektrum. The new initiatives will provide our guests with even richer and better offerings, while at the same time adding value and jobs for both cities.

Lillestrøm NXT – a green and attractive district

We want to develop the area around NOVA Spektrum into a vibrant district, to the delight of both visitors and local residents. Homes, hotels, offices, shops and cultural offerings are all part of the plan. The goal is to strengthen our business and offer our visitors even more value, while at the same time giving the local residents more of that they want.

Proposed new facade on NOVA Spektrum facing Thon Hotel Lillestrøm. New city tableau in the background.

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Spektrumkvarteret – an attractive and vibrant meeting place in the heart of Oslo

We want to expand Oslo Spektrum and open up the area to the city and the population. The original “Spectrum” will remain, but we want to offer more stages and a convention centre of international stature.

Today, Norway is last in the Nordic region in international conferences. Inspired by Madison Square Garden in New York, we want to build a black box hall with room for 3,000 people. There will be cafes, and restaurants and functions in the two lower floors, generating life and activity in the area. The surrounding area will be upgraded, linking east and west.

In addition, we envision the new extension accommodating 1000 office spaces. Both new and existing businesses in Oslo require premises, and nothing could be better than placing them close to the transport junction of Oslo S.

The area around Oslo Spektrum must also be active when there are no events. This can be achieved by adding many workplaces. The office space also makes it possible to finance the cultural arena and the upgrade of the plot. The building will adhere to the highest standards of sustainability.

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