We assist with all the requirements for your stand

Everything you need for your stand can be easily ordered through our online store. Here you have a checklist to provide a reminder of your needs for a successful exhibition space.

“To make it as easy as possible for you to be an exhibitor, we have gathered everything you need for your stand in our online store where you can choose the equipment you want. We take care of delivery and provide your requirements for your exhibition space in connection with the fair or event. It could hardly be easier!”

Those are the words of Therese Garder Basnes, Head of Online Trading and Service at NOVA Spektrum. She is responsible for providing simple and user-friendly solutions for all exhibitors who need equipment for their stands.

NOVA Spektrum’s online store is easily accessible to all exhibitors via the My Stand customer portal. Login to My Stand can be found on the website of the exhibition you will be exhibiting at. Alternatively, you can go directly to the online store here (remember login):

To the webshop

Garder Basnes’ goal is for all exhibitors to use the solution, thereby making everyday life easier both for themselves – and for everyone else involved in the extensive logistics operations that take place before and after each event.

NOVA Spektrum’s online store makes it easy for you to find and order the equipment you need to succeed with your stand and exhibition space.

Everything in one place

Therese Garder Basnes notes with satisfaction that orders are continuously ticking in via the online store after it was launched. In addition, a number of exhibitors are pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it is to find lights, floors, tables, chairs and whatever else is needed to create a complete exhibitor space at the fairs and events that NOVA Spektrum creates and facilitates:

After the agreement for exhibitor space has been confirmed and allocation of a stand placement has been completed, you can order what you need with a few keystrokes to achieve a prominent presence for your own customers, partners and business associates. We arrange both delivery and pick-up so that you can concentrate on motivating those who will operate the stand during the fair or event,” says Therese Garder Basnes.

Checklist of equipment needs

There is great variation with regard to the equipment required by each exhibitor for its stand. This depends both on the number of square metres at the disposal of the exhibitor and the ambitions of the exhibitor in profiling of its business. Therese Garder Basnes has nevertheless prepared the following checklist that may be useful regardless of the exhibitor’s own level of ambition:

  • Walls
  • Ready-made stands (everything including accessories such as furniture)

    If you build a stand/exhibition space yourself, remember:

  • Floor
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Wall colour
  • Other accessories (furniture etc.)

Need a sparring partner?

Feel free to call us and we will help you assess what equipment you need for your exhibition space to be as successful as possible at the fair/event.

NOVA Spektrum Service
Tel: 47 400 00 796 Email: service@novaspektrum.no

NOVA Spektrum service can be found at Glassgaten

During the move-in period for the event, you will find us in Glassgaten, located inside NOVA Spektrum. There we have a service centre that sells the necessary small equipment for the stand such as fasteners, cleaning agents, tools etc.