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Opening hours and ticket sales can be found on the various events’ websites. For a full overview of the event, visit the event page

Unfortunately, you can not change tickets you have purchased. This is discussed in our Terms of Service

If someone has sent you a ticket by email, it is important that you accept the invitation for your ticket to become active.
Once you have accepted the ticket, you create your profile. Note that if you do not accept the invitation and download the ticket, you risk the original ticket owner withdrawing the ticket and giving it to someone else.
Do you have more tickets linked to your profile?
Then you must share the tickets with those intended to have a ticket, as the tickets on your profile have your name. When you share a ticket, it will have the recipient’s name.
This is what you do
  • Log in to your profile and select Tickets in the menu
  • Select the tickets you want to give away by pressing Show ticket details
  • You get two choices: Give away the ticket or Print. Note that if you only print, you have not shared the ticket and it will still be in your name. Select Give away the ticket.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the recipient. If you are going to give away several types of tickets, check the boxes for the tickets you want to give away to include them in the same sharing. Press Give away.
You have now given away the ticket and it has moved from Your tickets to Shared tickets further down the page.
Orange means you have managed to share just right. Green means that the recipient has also received.
This has to be done by the recipient
  • The recipient receives an e-mail stating that you have given them a ticket. They will be prompted to create a profile or log in to an existing one.
  • All they need to do is write their name and set a password, then they have the same type of account as you with the ticket you gave them.
NOVA Spektrum is centrally located in Lillestrøm, with a short distance to Oslo S and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. It is walking distance from Lillestrøm station, you can calculate approx. 10 minutes to walk.
NOVA Spektrum
Messeveien 8
2004 Lillestrøm
NOVA Spektrum is a 10 min walk from Lillestrøm Station
Vy has several departures per hour from both Oslo and Gardermoen. Travel time is only 11 minutes from Oslo S and 12 minutes from Oslo Airport.
FLYOGET – Airport Train 
The airport train takes 12 minutes from Oslo Airport to Lillestrøm.
From Lillestrøm bus terminal it takes approx. 10 minutes to walk to the Norwegian Trade Fair.

Plan your trip with ENTUR
We have 2,200 parking spaces and there are many opportunities to park in the center of Lillestrøm.
All parking spaces at Norges Varemesse are subject to a fee, but with automatic sign recognition you do not have to pay for more time than you spend. If your vehicle uses two parking spaces, you will be charged for both parking spaces (also applies to trailers).
Parking per. started hour NOK 52.- Price per. day max NOK 340, –
Payment options for parking
  1. Pay at within 48 hours to avoid invoice in the mail.
  2. Register on and be automatically charged on your credit card every time you park.
  3. Pay by card at payment station. You must enter the number on your license plate.
  4. Leave without doing anything. The owner of the vehicle will then receive an invoice. Invoice fee will be added.
For more information, see or call +47 22 84 92 00

For questions about receipts on parking, please contact  One Park or read more on

Parking can also be paid with EasyPark
Use tariff group 8390 and start parking in the app. Parking is stopped automatically.
HC Parking
HC parking is on fields C and F which are closest to the entrances. We would like to remind you that there is a charge for all parking.
Electric car parking
We have 10 charging stations for electric cars in field A.
At each trade fair, taxis will be available outside the trade fair center at Thon Hotel Arena.
Lillestrøm is a bike city and one of the cuty bike stations is at Thon Hotel Arena in the extension of west entrance at the Norwegian Trade Fair. Bicycle racks can be found outside both entrances to the exhibition center.
In the Glassgaten and west entrance you will find wardrobes and storage boxes.
The storage box can be locked with a 20 kroner coin.

NOVA Spektrum s wheelchair accessible. We have a limited number of wheelchairs for lending. If you want to borrow a wheelchair, send an e-mail to [email protected] .

Companion enters free of charge upon presentation of a companion certificate at the entrance. Tickets for the accompanying person can be purchased on our website or at the ticket office. Certified companion does not need a ticket.

You can contact us on this page

Dogs and pets are not allowed on site. (Exceptions are guide dogs and events with dogs or pets)

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Frequently asked questions from Visitors

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Frequently asked questions from Exhibitors

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Frequently asked questions from Organisers

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