How we work with sustainability at NOVA Spektrum

NOVA Spektrum has endorsed the UN Sustainable Development Goals and made sustainability work an important part of its business strategy. Our meeting places will generate positive ripple effects for business, culture and organizational life, while at the same time working to achieve the sustainability goals we have set ourselves.

Our work in the area of sustainability is based on the development and implementation of specific activities and measures where we can most contribute to positive development based on our business. We have identified five sustainability goals as our most important based on our ambition to lead the way in creating more meeting places with even greater positive ripple effects in the years to come.

What the UN Sustainable Development Goals mean for us

For NOVA Spektrum, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 8 means that we:

Will contribute to creating even greater social ripple effects locally, regionally and nationally through our activities in the years to come. At the same time, we shall operate in a responsible manner and take environmental and social responsibility into account in our supplier and procurement processes.

For NOVA Spektrum, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 9 means that we:

Shall ensure the operation, management and development of our properties and buildings with the aim of reducing the overall use of resources. This means, among other things, that we will carry out continuous improvement work in the areas of energy, waste and water. During the planning phase of Lillestrøm NXT and Spektrumkvarteret, we will identify and choose good solutions that reduce the climate and environmental impact to the greatest extent possible.

For NOVA Spektrum, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 11 means that we:

Shall be an active and committed partner for the development of Lillestrøm as a destination and place of residence together with the municipality, business, the cultural sector and others who are committed to being a driving force for positive business and community development locally.

For NOVA Spektrum, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12 means that we:

Shall contribute to reducing unnecessary consumption both in our business, and among our organizers, exhibitors, visitors and guests when they are at our arena. We do this by measuring, analysing and implementing measures that can contribute to a decline in our collective use of resources – and ensure increased reuse – in relevant areas.

For NOVA Spektrum, UN Sustainable Development Goal number 17 means that we:

Will initiate and facilitate cooperation with others to achieve the sustainability goals we have set ourselves. For NOVA Spektrum, suppliers, customers and business partners, with the addition of the municipality, business organizations and various actors in the local community, are important partners.

Our specific sustainability goals

In addition to the overall sustainability goals, NOVA Spektrum has in its own business strategy for the current period also defined several specific sustainability goals. These are:

NOVA Spektrum shall:

  • Reduce the CO2 footprint by at least 20 percent per visitor
  • Double the number of jobs created as a result of our operations
  • Double economic value creation through its own activity and the positive ripple effects this creates in the surrounding area.

Our approach to working with sustainability

We work to meet our objectives in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility along three dimensions:

1. We ensure continuous improvement of our own business based on our sustainability goals.

2. We help our organizers, exhibitors and visitors to make sustainable choices.

3. We work with others to achieve progress in the area of sustainability.

Climate and environmental report for NOVA Spektrum

We have been certified Eco-Lighthouse since 2012.

You easily access our latest updated climate and environmental report here.