Our work for increased sustainability

NOVA Spektrum wants to offer sustainable meeting places. This is also expected of our partners, exhibitors and visitors.

It is our goal to use our combined knowledge and resources to contribute to sustainable development, both financially, socially and environmentally. We will act responsibly in line with our own and internationally recognized principles for social responsibility and sustainability.

NOVA Spektrum influences the external environment through the operation and facilitation of events. We work to ensure that the impact is as modest as possible, including energy-efficient operations and responsible waste management.

NOVA Spektrum is Eco-Lighthouse certified and one event (Nor-Shipping) is ISO: 20121 certified.

NOVA Spektrum has been a certified Eco-Lighthouse since 2012, and was re-certified in 2019. Eco-lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certificate for companies that want to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. As a certified company, both as property owner and through green events, we meet the requirements that ensure measures are implemented on an ongoing basis for more environmentally friendly operations and a good working environment. The scheme gives us tools to work specifically with sustainability, including areas such as the working environment, waste management, transport, energy use, and procurement.

ISO:20121 – Sustainable Event Management Systems  
ISO: 20121 is a standard for sustainable events and a practical tool for managing events in order to adhere to the three dimensions of sustainability – economy, environment and society.

The London Olympics employed the same standard, and Bislet Games uses it. Now they are joined by our international meeting place for everyone in shipping and the ocean industries, Nor-Shipping.

Sustainability policy
NOVA Spektrum shall be a leading player and source of inspiration in Norway and internationally, within sustainable meeting places and events.

We will achieve this by satisfying current requirements and expectations from our stakeholders, and by continuously developing and improving our management systems and sustainability efforts within the areas of the environment, society and commerce.

All our work must be full transparent to the outside world and be actively communicated externally.

We will protect the external environment from pollution by choosing environmentally friendly materials and processes. To achieve this goal, we will seek to raise all employees’ awareness and level of knowledge in the areas of health, environment and safety (HES).

Sustainability work is based on the following sustainability goals (SDG)
NOVA Spektrum will be a leading player and source of inspiration in Norway and internationally, within sustainable meeting places and events. Sustainability work is based on the following sustainability goals (SDG):

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
Through its own activities, NOVA Spektrum seeks to influence the local surroundings and society in a positive way, including our work with property development, as well as the establishment of our own exhibitions / conferences with a focus on themes such as FoodScape and Evolve Arena.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production
NOVA Spektrum places particular emphasis on responsible consumption and production.

SDG 17: Partnership to achieve the goals
NOVA Spektrum is a central meeting place that gathers 4-5,000 exhibitors and around 500,000 people to our venues every year. Our focus is on finding and communicating sustainability solutions in collaboration with both tenants and suppliers.