Fire regulations

Relevant provisions in the fire service regulations relating to stands, pavilions and decorations in the exhibition centre are listed below.

1. Flammable temporary furnishing, decorations and carpets must be fireproofed.

2. Easily ignitable and combustible materials must not be stored or used on the premises without the express permission of NOVA Spektrum.

3. Self-ignitable waste must be stored only in places approved by NOVA Spektrum (red waste container with lid, placed outside the Number 1 gates).

4. Smoking and the use of fire or naked flames on the premises is forbidden.

Fabrics stretched directly on the walls must be fireproofed in accordance with the DIN 4102 B1 standard. The use of straw, polystyrene, paper, cardboard, sacking or other easily ignitable decorative materials is not permitted without the express permission of NOVA Spektrum.

In the event of any doubts about the interpretation of these regulations, the exhibitor – to avoid the risk that the fire service will demand the removal of materials – must contact the technical coordinator at NOVA Spektrum.

PETROL: It is forbidden to store petrol in the exhibition area. Petrol tanks must be either full or empty. Exhibitors must specifically notify the organiser if cars, motorbikes or the like are to feature on the stand.

FIRE DECLARATION: The fire service requires a signed declaration from each exhibitor/stand concerning observance of the fire regulations. Including the exhibition title, the exhibitor’s name and the stand number, this declaration must be sent to NOVA Spektrum in good time before assembly starts.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM: No equipment of any kind must be attached to or hung from the sprinkler system.

EMERGENCY EXITS: Blocking emergency exits is prohibited.

EVACUATION ROUTES: Evacuation routes must not be blocked. No posters or similar materials which might prevent people from seeing emergency exit signs or which might fall down in the event of fire may be hung in evacuation routes.

FIREPOINTS: Firepoints must be easily accessible and visible. Covering or blocking these points is prohibited. Firepoints can include fire hoses, manual extinguishers or fire alarms. Fire hoses cannot be used by an exhibitor without written approval from the technical coordinator.

SMOKING: Smoking is banned in the exhibition halls. The fire risk is high in the exhibition halls during both assembly and exhibition periods, and the use of fire in any form is prohibited. HOT WORK: Work must not begin until written authorisation has been issued by the technical coordinator at NOVA Spektrum. Welding sparks can ignite fires at a distance of 10 metres, and even cold sparks can have a temperature of more than 500°C.

FIRE ALARMS (BM) AND FIRE HOSES: Must not be blocked. They are shown on the stand drawing.

Bringing pressurised containers for category 1 and 2 gases (such as liquefied petroleum gases – propane, butane or mixtures of these – hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, biogas or acetylene) into the halls is prohibited.

Small containers of butane/propane for sale from the stand (must not be ignited) can be stored in the exhibition centre during opening hours (in moderate quantities which the exhibitor is able to remove physically in the event of a fire alarm). Should a fire alarm sound, the exhibitor is duty-bound to ensure that the gas containers are removed from the exhibition centre.

When the exhibition closes for the day, the exhibitor must ensure that the gas container(s) are removed from the building. An outdoor lockable wire cage is available to exhibitors between halls B and C for storage of gas containers.

Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that all fabrics stretched directly on partition walls or hanging free have been fireproofed in accordance with the Regulations. Any fabrics to be hung up must accord with the DIN 4102 B1 standard. Exhibitors are duty bound to inform their decorators and other sub-contractors about the applicable fire regulations and to ensure that these are observed.

Documentation must be available on the stand.