Conditions for stand rental

This registration is binding once it has been received by NOVA Spektrum in completed form. The exhibitor is liable for the total stand and registration fees. NOVA Spektrum makes the final decision on stand allocation and reserves the right to refuse any application at its own discretion.

An inability to fulfil the exhibitor’s desire for a specific stand position, etc, does not give the exhibitor the right to cancel their booking, require a price discount, claim compensation or the like.

Should a registered exhibitor decide to withdraw from the event or be prevented from participating, they remain bound to pay the stand hire and registration fee. NOVA Spektrum is free to dispose of the space which becomes available as a result of the exhibitor’s withdrawal, without this giving the registered exhibitor any right to claim a refund of the stand hire and registration fee. If the exhibitor, at the time of the event, can prove that it is prevented from participating due to travel restrictions connected to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic imposing quarantine in Norway or exhibitor’s home country, then Norway Trade Fairs will discuss a partial refund with that exhibitor.

Every exhibitor is fully bound by NOVA Spektrum’s Conditions specified in this document, NOVA Spektrum’s Regulations and other relevant provisions adopted by NOVA Spektrum or the organiser. This applies regardless of whether the exhibitor has expressed reservations of any kind, unless the relevant reservation has been accepted in writing by NOVA Spektrum. NOVA Spektrum is empowered to make a binding decision on any dispute over the interpretation of these Conditions, the Regulations or other provisions adopted by NOVA Spektrum.

The Regulations for NOVA Spektrum are contained in a separate document and embrace important provisions on such matters as the design of various types of stands, technical and practical terms/conditions, behaviour during exhibitions, force majeure and so forth. Accepting the Conditions in this document also entails acceptance of the Regulations. See regulations »

The terms open, shell and outdoor stand are defined in sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Regulations.

NOVA Spektrum reserves the right to invoice services, supplies, catalogue items for stand construction, fittings or serving prior to the event. NOVA Spektrum is not obliged to deliver the ordered services and items if payment has not been made prior to the event. The exhibitor is responsible for payment for all technical services to their stand, regardless if services have been ordered by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s subconstructor.

Unless otherwise agreed or a different procedure is followed, all monies owing to NOVA Spektrum must be paid by the due date specified in the invoice. Documentation that the stand fee has been paid must be available for inspection in order to secure access to the halls during the exhibition period.

Failure to comply with the payment terms may entail loss of the allocated stand space. In such cases, NOVA Spektrum is entitled to dispose of the space concerned as it sees fit.

Sub-letting of exhibition space/stands is not permitted. Only companies registered as exhibitors may participate.

NOVA Spektrum reserves the right to cease accepting registrations or, if necessary, to reduce the space booked if the exhibition becomes fully booked at an early stage. Where possible, stands are allocated within the appropriate product group.

Only registered products and services may be displayed at the exhibition. Exhibits may not be removed from the stand during the exhibition without written permission from NOVA Spektrum. NOVA Spektrum may require, without having to provide reasons, the removal of exhibited goods and services or remove them itself if they do not fall within the principal scope of the exhibition, if they fail to meet normal quality standards or if they are otherwise regarded as hazardous or unsuitable.

Non-Norwegian exhibitors selling directly to consumers must be registered in the Norwegian VAT register. A company that sublets a stand to exhibitors is also regarded as a taxable business. Provided their sales exceed NOK 50,000 within a period of 12 months, the company is required to be registered in the Norwegian VAT register. Foreign companies without a fix placed of business in Norway can be registered through a Norwegian VAT representative.

Technical documentation with stand location, order forms and price lists are issued by e-mail or ordinary post to the exhibitor in reasonable time before the event or when the deadline for applications has been passed.

NOVA Spektrum may cancel, move or change the Event if substantive grounds exist or if the Event cannot be carried out as intended by the parties as a result of circumstances for which NOVA Spektrum cannot be blamed, including war, strike, lockout, fire, bomb threat, natural disasters , disease outbreaks, including the ongoing corona situation, or other circumstances mean that in the opinion of NOVA Spektrum it is not possible, justifiable or decent to carry out the Event as intended (including if carrying out the Event may damage NOVA Spektrum´s reputation). Substantive grounds include, for example, an unjustifiably low number of exhibitors or that the NOVA Spektrum has reason to assume that the visitor turnout will be unjustifiably low. Expenses or own work the exhibitor has incurred in connection with the exhibition are not refundable.

NOVA Spektrum accepts no liability towards the exhibitor for possible low support for an exhibition by exhibitors and/or visitors, or for the absence of possible key exhibitors.

NOVA Spektrum accepts no liability of any kind for possible errors in printed or electronic information materials concerning the exhibition.

In the event of possible liability towards the exhibitor, NOVA Spektrum will not accept liability in any event for any indirect losses incurred by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors must comply with Norwegian law and statutory regulations, and acquire any and all permits required in connection with the exhibition from the responsible authorities. Representatives for foreign exhibitors who are not covered by the EEA-rules and will sell directly to consumer must under current regulations obtain a work permit. If foreign labor is used for standbuilding, a work permit will also be required. 

Any failure by NOVA Spektrum on one or more occasions to enforce its rights or any exhibitor’s duties under these Conditions or under the Regulations will not restrict the entitlement of NOVA Spektrum to enforce the relevant rights/duties on subsequent occasions.