Norway Trade Fairs changes name to NOVA Spektrum

The new name reflects our offering of a wide range of services, experiences and meeting places.

The Norway Trade Fairs Foundation owns and operates NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm and Oslo Spektrum in Oslo. The foundation retains its name, but the exhibition centre in Lillestrøm will now be called NOVA Spektrum.

“Our old name does not cover the breadth of our offerings. Trade fairs are a very important part of what we do, but we also offer a wide range of other meeting places and services, and we will do even more in the future. This means both large and small events, food, accommodation, culture and a variety of experiences. We now have a name that reflects our current development, and which covers the breadth of our offerings,” says Gunn Helen Hagen, CEO of NOVA Spektrum.

Nova means bright star, while spectrum indicates a wide variety.

“The name is a promise to our guests and to our hometown, Lillestrøm. We will do even more to fulfil our purpose, which is to offer meeting places that contribute to growth and development of companies, organizations and cultural life. In addition, we will create greater ripple effects in the form of orders to local businesses and attracting even more visitors,” says Hagen.

The name will be the same in English as in Norwegian.

“We have many international guests and aim to attract several large, international congresses. That is why we have chosen a name that works as well in English as in Norwegian. Now we look forward to using it,” says Hagen.

Events will go by the same names.

Norway Trade Fairs has hosted a number of large and well-known events, such as Nor-Shipping, Bygg Reis Deg, Oslo Motor Show and Evolve Arena. The name change will not have any significance for these or other events.

We wish you a warm welcome to NOVA Spektrum! Read more about our events here.

The new name was launched in connection with the 100th anniversary of the Norway Trade Fairs Foundation, celebrated on 18 November.

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From left: Anne Lindmo (host for the evening), Ivar Horneland Kristensen (CEO of Virke), Ole Erik Almlid (CEO of NHO) and Gunn Helen Hagen (CEO of NOVA Spektrum).

Watch the video of our history and the name change

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